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  • Marine Source Units
    Marine Source Units

    Rockford Fosgate Marine Source Units are designed for fanatics who want to experience music while boating. Our head units incorporate convenient features and controls, making them the best marine head unit for your watercraft.

  • Marine Amplifiers
    Marine Amplifiers

    Rockford Fosgate Marine Amplifiers are designed to weather the toughest environments while keeping the boat rockin’. Our marine amps conform to protection standards, so they will continue to deliver the power you need for a fun day on the water.

  • Marine Speakers
    Marine Speakers

    Rockford Fosgate Marine Speakers sound great and can withstand the harsh marine environment. Our boat speakers conform to marine standards, so they’ll endure wet and sunny conditions while sounding great, making them the best marine speakers for your boat.

  • Marine Enclosed Speakers
    Marine Enclosed Speakers

    If you like tearing up the lake on your wake-board, then you know your success depends on the music that gets you pumped up. Rockford Fosgate marine enclosed speakers use MARINE GRADE drivers combined with weatherproof enclosures treated to conform to Salt/Fog/UV industry standards. These extensive design features ensure your marine audio system execute as expected, so you can concentrate on your own performance.

  • Marine Subwoofers
    Marine Subwoofers

    Rockford Fosgate marine subwoofers employ several features allowing them to be certified 100% MARINE GRADE. These subwoofers are constructed using stainless steel, CENTREX® plastic, and corrosion resistant terminals to conform with Salt/Fog/UV industry standards. They also utilize shielded magnets to protect your sensitive on-board electronics from any stray magnetic radiation.

  • Motorsport Source Units
    Motorsport Source Units

    Rockford Fosgate Motorsport source units are constructed to provide the ultimate sound in high performance audio systems. These source units are durable and built to resist nature's elements. Best of all, they are specifically designed to match up with higher power, high performance amplifiers necessary for motorsport applications.

  • Motorsport Amplifiers
    Motorsport Amplifiers

    Motorsport amplifiers are specifically engineered and designed for motorcycle, ATV and electric hybrid installations. These amplifiers take advantage of the OEM (Original Equipment Manufactured) electrical systems by boosting the signal to a level necessary for audio applications. This unique design is much smaller, allowing them to fit in spaces where traditional amplifiers would normally not fit.

  • Motorsport Speakers
    Motorsport Speakers

    Motorsport speakers are a select group of models having a compact design or treatment for weather resistance. All speakers use Integrated Concealed Crossovers, eliminating the need for installing an external box, and Marine models feature UV inhibitors and corrosion resistant hardware making them impervious to the weather. Regardless if your installation is space limited or exposure to the elements, these durable speakers will bring improved sound to your ride.

  • Motorsport Enclosed Speakers
    Motorsport Enclosed Speakers

    If you like tearing up the track in your UTV Side-by-Side, then you know your enjoyment depends on the music that gets you pumped up. Rockford Fosgate enclosed speakers use MARINE GRADE drivers combined with weatherproof enclosures treated to conform to weatherproofing industry standards. These extensive design features ensure your audio system executes as expected, so you can concentrate on your own performance.

  • Motorsport Subwoofers
    Motorsport Subwoofers

    Motorsport subwoofers are constructed to handle lots of power to play loud in extreme conditions. These subwoofers are constructed using stainless steel, CENTREX® plastic, and corrosion resistant terminals to conform to Salt/Fog/UV industry standards. They also utilize shielded magnets to protect sensitive on-board electronics from any stray magnetic radiation.

  • Signal Cables
    Signal Cables

    Rockford Fosgate knows that retaining high signal quality is only as good as its weakest link. Our signal cables are made to prevent corrosion by using oxygen free copper and platinum plated ends. Rockford Fosgate signal cables also feature an outer shield to reject noise from entering the signal chain.

  • Speaker Cables
    Speaker Cables

    Rockford Fosgate speaker cables are designed and manufactured to assure the best conductivity. Our cables utilize pure Crystal-Oxygen Free Copper to resist corrosion and retain a high signal transfer. Rockford Fosgate speaker cables also feature a durable frosted outer jacket making them tough and flexible.

  • Power and Ground Cable
    Power and Ground Cable

    Rockford Fosgate is known for delivering high and clean power. We are dedicated to making certain that our power and ground cables conform to the CEA-2015 industry standard, meaning we use the required number of copper strands rather than thicker insulation to create a specified AWG cable. With Rockford Fosgate power and ground cables, you'll be assured optimum output from your amplifiers.

  • Amp Installation Kits
    Amp Installation Kits

    Rockford Fosgate amp installation kits assure that your amplifiers produce the cleanest and highest power available. We use the best materials to assure good, clean transfer of both power and signal. Several kits are available in different wire gauge sizes and are available with or without signal cables.

  • Power Distribution
    Power Distribution

    Rockford Fosgate provides installers and DIY gurus with all the proper accessories necessary to protect your amplifiers and vehicle’s electrical system from harm. Our power distribution items include single fuse holders, fused distribution blocks, battery clamps, terminals, fuses and circuit breakers. Everything an installer needs to safeguard power delivery.

  • Fuses and Circuit Breakers
    Fuses and Circuit Breakers

    Rockford Fosgate understands that you need to protect your audio components from any potential issues. Fuses and circuit breakers safeguard your vehicle from any damage caused by a short or other electrical issue. That's why we offer a wide range of fuses and circuit breakers. So go ahead, enjoy your sound system with peace of mind.

  • Caps and Power Products
    Caps and Power Products

    Rockford Fosgate Capacitors are designed to help stabilize your electrical system to handle additional components. By providing small current bursts, a Rockford Fosgate Capacitor reduces the current demand on your electrical system. Using 1Farad per 1,000 Watts of amplifier power is a general rule-of-thumb to get the most out of your audio system while reducing the demand on your charging system.

  • Sound Damping
    Sound Damping

    Audio systems perform best when the vehicle is isolated from the susceptible noises of the road and elements. Treating the interior of your vehicle with sound damping material will help keep those noises out. With Rockford Fosgate sound damping, you'll hear more music and less noise, exactly the way it was meant to be.

  • Signal Converters
    Signal Converters

    Integrating Rockford Fosgate equipment with an OEM system shouldn't be a battle. For those situations, Rockford Fosgate offers products that allow the integration of our amplifiers and speakers with the factory system. This will assure that a hybrid Rockford Fosgate/OEM system performs up to standards that Rockford Fosgate can deliver.

  • Amplifier Accessories
    Amplifier Accessories

    Get the most from your Rockford Fosgate amplifiers with genuine accessories from Rockford Fosgate. Want to SYNC two class-bd amps into one massive mono amp? We have the cables for that. We also have remote controls that allow expanded control of your amplifier in real time from the driver’s seat. Real accessories means real control of your system.

  • Speaker Accessories
    Speaker Accessories

    Protect your Rockford Fosgate subwoofers with genuine speaker accessories. Sized specifically to fit your model of subwoofer, you’ll be sure to find the right grille to keep sporting equipment away from your prized investment. So keep the bass boomin' with protective grilles, and your bass will look as good as it sounds.

  • T-Shirts

    Show your true colors and make a statement. Rockford Fosgate T-Shirts are available in several styles and colors, so you can find one that defines who you are. In fact, it’s probably best to get several, so you can change your attire so you switch up your style. Nothing says Car Audio Fanatic™ like threads emblazed with Rockford Fosgate on it.

  • Polos

    Who says a car audio fanatic™ can't look good? If you're looking for something more stylish to announce to the world that Rockford Fosgate has earned your trust, then check out our polo shirts. Our shirts are comfortable with enough collar to get you through the door. These are great for first impressions and meeting your girlfriend's parents for the first time. Show them some style with a Rockford Fosgate Polo shirt.

  • Sweatshirts

    How cool are you? Rockford Fosgate Sweatshirts will be sure to keep you warm while traveling to the hockey game or just hanging out with friends when the weather gets chilly. Our sweatshirts are made with ultra plush cotton to keep you comfortable and are lined to block out the wind. Stay cozy and look good.

  • Hats

    Rockford Fosgate hats provide the perfect cover for those bad hair days. Really, do we need to say more? Sized to fit and comfortable enough to let your girlfriend wear, you'll be sure to let everyone know who your favorite car audio brand is – Rockford Fosgate –Car Audio for Fanatics™!

  • Ladies Gear
    Ladies Gear

    Ladies can join-in and represent who their favorite car audio brand is … Rockford Fosgate of course! These are more than tiny shirts with logos on them and are perfect for impressing that “boy” you've been eyeing across the classroom. Our ladies gear is stylish, so accessorize properly by wearing your passion for performance on the outside.

  • Stickers

    Mark your territory with Rockford Fosgate. Let the world know that your vehicle has the best car audio system around, or at least plaster it on mom's minivan so she can freak people out! Actually, you can mark any territory that belongs to you from your notebook to that ever-so-interesting history book you have to sell back at the end of the year. Rock-out with Rockford Fosgate!

  • Cool Stuff
    Cool Stuff

    Rockford Fosgate has all sorts of cool stuff for your fanatic lifestyle. It's just another way to show your loyalty for the best car audio equipment around without seeming so obvious. The stuff may seem inconsequential to some, but it's important to let everyone know you understand what power, sound quality and performance is all about. Rockford Fosgate – Car Audio for Fanatics™!