Marine Speakers

OVERCOME THE ELEMENTS With the Marine full-range speakers mounted in your tower you'll be rockin' the latest single and not the drone of a motor.

M2 Marine Grade logo
M2 Marine Grade

Rockford’s M2 marine grade standard takes into account the devastating effects of the outdoor environment and takes extreme measures to ensure optimum performance.

• 100% UV stable CENTREX® injection molded plastic
• Corrosion resistant gold plated polarized terminals
• Injection molded polypropylene cone with UV inhibitors
• Internal full magnetic shielding
• Stainless steel grilles and mounting hardware
• UV and salt fog resistant thermo-plastic elastomer surround

M2 Marine Grade logo
ASTM B117 – Salt/Fog & D439 – UV Test Standards

ASTM B117 salt/fog test standard provides accelerated aging in a controlled corrosive environment to produce relative corrosion resistance information for specimens of metals and coated metals.

ASTM D4329 test standard is intended to induce property changes associated with end-use conditions, including the effects of sunlight, moisture, and heat.