Mobile Subwoofers

THROW DOWN PRIME subwoofers are ready to rock and are the perfect entry into performance audio.

THE STANDARD PUNCH subwoofers are built on tradition and are refined to deliver deep, solid bass.

PUSH THE ENVELOPE POWER subwoofers raise the bar with high power handling and bass that can rattle windows in the next town.

T2 Power Subwoofer SPL 148db T1 Power Subwoofer SPL 144db T0 Power Subwoofer SPL 140db P3 Punch Subwoofer SPL 137db P2 Punch Subwoofer SPL 135db P1 Punch Subwoofer SPL 133db R2 Prime Subwoofer SPL 132db R1 Prime Subwoofer SPL 129db P3 Punch Shallow Subwoofer SPL 133db R2 Prime Shallow Subwoofer SPL 130db
T2 Power Subwoofer Peak Power 2400 Watts T2 Power Subwoofer X-Max 44mm T1 Power Subwoofer Peak Power 1600 Watts T1 Power Subwoofer X-Max 33mm T0 Power Subwoofer Peak Power 1400 Watts T0 Power Subwoofer X-Max 30mm P3 Punch Subwoofer Peak Power 1200 Watts P3 Punch Subwoofer X-Max 28mm P2 Punch Subwoofer Peak Power 800 Watts P2 Punch Subwoofer X-Max 26mm P1 Punch Subwoofer Peak Power 500 Watts P1 Punch Subwoofer X-Max 19mm R2 Prime Subwoofer Peak Power 500 Watts R2 Prime Subwoofer X-Max 13mm R1 Prime Subwoofer Peak Power 300 Watts R1 Prime Subwoofer X-Max 12mm P3 Punch Shallow Subwoofer Peak Power 800 Watts P3 Punch Shallow Subwoofer X-Max 16mm R2 Prime Shallow Subwoofer Peak Power 500 Watts R2 Prime Shallow Subwoofer X-Max 20mm
Subwoofer SPL Glossary IconSPL - Sound Pressure Level numbers reflect an incar response utilizing dual subwoofers in a typical sedan size cabin at peak power.
Subwoofer XMAX Glossary IconXMAX - The measured excursion of the subwoofer in one direction, with Peak-to-Peak covering its entiretravel. The more air a woofer moves the higher the SPL.
Subwoofer Peak Power Glossary IconPEAK POWER - The maximum amount of amplifier power that can be applied to a subwoofer prior to entering into an unsafe operating scenario.
ANATOMY OF A SUBWOOFERVariations in the anatomy of a subwoofer dramatically changes their performance characteristics. An increase in voicecoil size coupled with a stronger cone material yields a higher power handling and increased output. By combining quality materials with Rockford’s proprietary acoustic technologies, our subwoofer lineup is sure to meet your system’s demands.
Subwoofer Anatomy Diagram
  • Subwoofer Anatomy Basket Icon

    Basket - Also referred to as the frame or chassis, this is the skeletal system of the speaker. Here to keep everything in its place.

  • Subwoofer Anatomy Spider Icon

    Spider - Second part of the speakers suspension, connects the cone and voice coil to the basket and controls the travel of the cone assembly.

  • Subwoofer Anatomy Voice Coil Icon

    Voice Coil - The brains of the operation, directing the force from the magnet to push or pull based on the applied electrical signal.

  • Subwoofer Anatomy Surround Icon

    Surround - First part in the speakers suspension, attached to the cone to maintain the centering of the voice coil in the magnetic gap.

  • Subwoofer Anatomy Cone Icon

    Cone - A.K.A the diaphragm, this is the voice of the speaker. Shape and material dramatically change tonality.

  • Subwoofer Anatomy Magnet Icon

    Magnet - The heart of speaker, creating the force to push and pull cone assembly. Size, material, and design may differ, depending on performance goals.

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