Our new Element Ready series of Power amplifiers have all the same benefits and features of their Mobile counterparts, but we've also added additional protective components knowing these are not likely to be safe in the trunk of your car. With features like a brushed aluminum chassis with UV inhibitors added to the finish to a Marine grade two-part epoxy coating on the circuit boards, these small chassis powerhouses will let you continue enjoying your tunes while hitting the trails or cruising the lake with friends.

Creative Rides from South Africa know a thing or two about amazing installs. #RockfordFosgate #Punch #Power

Rockford Fosgate's new TM400X2ad amp sports these features: - Proprietary Class-AD technology - 4/2 Ohm muti-impedance Constant Power - Differential inputs with high level auto turn-on feature - 8 AWG power/ground connector w/ upgraded RCA connectors - Remote-Out feature when using high level inputs - 4 Ohm bridged capable - 2013 PLC2 remote ready - C.L.E.A.N. input/output clip detection and indicator LEDs - Top mounted controls - Dual fan cooled - Real time thermal sensing - Dual extruded heat sinks - Discrete surface mount technology - Marine grade two part epoxy coating on circuit boards

Knowing your life isn't restricted to just the highways and byways, Rockford Fosgate introduces their new series of Element Ready small chassis Power amplifiers. Building on the successful launch of the Mobile audio version of these amplifiers last year and seeing how many of our customers were also using them in their motorcycles, UTVs and boat systems, the Rockford Engineers wanted to create a version that was geared more toward a life in the elements.

Rockford Fosgate 2015 Punch Series Moto-Marine Amplifiers Now Available. Punch is a name that has been synonymous with car audio for over 35 years. The mobile audio enthusiast in most cases is well versed in the quality and history of the Punch family of products. When we redesigned the mobile amplifier line in 2013 we knew that this new breed of Punch products would far surpass anything we had built previously. By integrating new circuit designs and developing our C.L.E.A.N. setup technology our engineers have created an amplifier family with capabilities not seen before. Read more at

This RZR is ready to Rock the trails with the #RockfordFosgate #Prime marine grade speakers. Built by the guys at Eminent Hi-Fi.

Our new Element Ready Prime series of speakers show that you don’t have to blow your yearly budget just to get good sound out of your audio system especially when it has to live in an environment such as your boat, UTV or even your motorcycle. We’ve designed these speakers with efficiency and output in mind. Available with two different tweeter sizes and power handlings, these speakers can belt out the tunes without needing an amplifier the size of a nuclear power plant.

Rockford Fosgate 2015 PunchPro Neo Tweeters Now Available through authorized dealers.

Who would cruise this Tesla loaded with #RockfordFosgate #Power #T1 subwoofers? Photo courtesy of Road and Beyond & Rockford Fosgate Australia.

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Need speakers to handle all the elements? By using UV inhibitor based materials and corrosion resistant hardware these speakers are designed with the person who lives for the outdoors in mind. So if you’re looking for a speaker that is built with the quality and to the standards that Rockford expects of all of its products and will stand up to your active lifestyles then these are the speakers for you.

Be the talk of the dock with the new #RockfordFosgate RM marine grade standard takes into account the devastating effects of the outdoor environment and takes extreme measures to ensure optimum performance. The Marine RM full-range speakers are perfect for anyone looking to add some FANATIC sound to their vessel, and will always sound great when listening to your music at the dock or while tearing up the waves at full throttle.

New horn-loaded tower speakers are sure to fit most install requirements with these features: •Malibu® direct mount compatible •Optional C-clamp available fits bar sizes 1-1/2" to 2-3/4" •Available in black or white •Sold in pairs

Check out this custom Toyota Bus from Rockford Fosgate Middle East installed by Hamann Motors Dubai. The audio system features the following products: P16-S component speakers P16 full range speakers P1000X5 amplifier P2D212 subwoofer

The new PM282HW is a true marine grade speaker loaded into a sealed tight high-density polyethylene enclosure, and features an 8" woofer protected by a stainless steel grille and 1" horn tweeter. Both speaker and enclosure are treated with UV inhibitors and conform to Industry Salt-Fog standards.

Outdoor speakers not loud enough? Rockford Fosgate can fix that with the new the new Punch PM282HW, an 8" 2-way wakeboard tower speaker enclosure featuring a high output horn tweeter and marine grade weather proofing technologies. Available in white or black (PM282HW-B) with a stainless steel sport grille.

What vehicle would you pick? #RockfordFosgate #SoundLab #RZR #AudioForFanatics

This food Truck from Japan is ROCKIN with #RockfordFosgate #Power series subwoofers and amplifiers.

Where would you install the new RM112D4 subwoofer? #RockfordFosgate #Bass #ElementReady

The new RM112D4 has many features designed to weather the elements: - True Marine Grade compliance - 100% UV stable ASA injection molded plastic parts - Injection molded mineral filled polypropylene cone body with UV inhibitors - UV and salt fog resistant Santoprene surround - Ultra-flexible fully insulated silicone lead wire - Proprietary corrosion resistant spring loaded push terminals - Moisture, tear and fatigue resistant Aramid fiber spider - Removable trim ring/grille - Available in black or white

Need bass outdoors? Rockford Fosgate has you covered with the new RM112D4B, a black 12” subwoofer designed with weatherproofing technology specific for use in marine or powersport applications. It features a luxury color-molded grille that is 100% UV stable and can be used in sealed, vented or infinite baffle installations.

Who would run two #RockfordFosgate #Power subwoofers behind their seat?

Super clean install from the guys at Creative Rides in South Africa. #RockfordFosgate #Punch #P1

Y2K Auto Sound from South Africa bringing some big #BASS with two #RockfordFosgate #Punch #P2 subwoofers and two Punch amplifiers.

Relative voice coil sizes of the Punch and Power Series subwoofers. The Power T3 19" is unique because it utilizes a single layer flat-edge wound coil in a push-pull configuration.

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Upgraded Rockford Fosgate Punch Full Range Speaker Models Now Available. True 6.5-Inch Coax and Components Feature New FlexFit 2 Mounting System.

Rockford Fosgate New Power Full Range Speaker Models For 2015 Now Available True 6.5-Inch Coax and Components Feature New FlexFit 2 Mounting System.

Super radical install from Creative Rides with two #RockfordFosgate #Punch #P1 subwoofer

Clean and Simple with a #RockfordFosgate #Punch #P3 subwoofer. Built by Audio Car Systems

The new #Power #T3 19" subwoofer has some amazing new features, some never before done in car audio: Injection Molded Foam Surround with VAST™ • Specially designed to maximize control and overcome common problems stamp-formed foam surrounds encounter Three-Layer Glass Fiber/ Aramid Honeycomb/ Glass Fiber Cone • Extremely rigid yet lightweight cone design eliminates flex under high power applications Dual Nomex Progressive Spiders with Integrated Lead Wires • True Nomex spiders maximize excursion capabilities while maintaining full linear cone control Stacked Single Layer Edge Wound Aluminum 5" Voice Coil • Single layer edge wound design allows for maximum heat dissipation versus multilayer single voice coils Dual Gap Multi‐Pole Neodymium Push/Pull Motor Structure • Innovative dual-gap design drives the voice coil in a custom push/pull configuration for maximum power handling • Massive Neodymium slug provides necessary magnetic force to move the voice coil/ cone assembly to full excursion

Check out Michael Schultz, aka "Fingaz22" showing off his 1991 "Box that Rocks" and inverted dual 15" DVC subs. Box driven by #Power 500a2 bridged mono with BTR driven by another Power 500a2 in stereo. Did we mention this was a rental van? True #RockfordFosgate Fanatic!! Photo courtesy #OldSchoolStereo

Power T3 19" subwoofer is now available. Please contact your local authorized Rockford Fosgate dealer.

Want to add deep, rich sound to your motorcycle? We have you covered with the new PMSA675. These adapter rings integrate 6.75" Rockford Fosgate speakers into stock fairings on Harley-Davidson models 1998-2013.

The new Rockford Fosgate gear has arrived, make sure to pick some up at

Creative Rides showing off two #RockfordFosagte #Punch subwoofers and two #Punch amplifiers in a #Chevy #Impala

The Punch Element Ready full-range speakers come in various sizes, styles, and colors to fit your outdoor needs. See all models:

Rockford Fosgate's largest catalog ever featuring 95 NEW products! Download your copy of VOLUME 7.0 now and see how to get great sounding audio in your vehicle, boat, UTV, RV and motorcycle.

Looking for speakers for the outdoor lifestyle? Rockford Fosgate knows that when you shop for speakers for your boat, UTV or motorcycle, you are looking for something that is not only going to sound amazing but stand up to the elements. We specify high grade UV resistant materials for our speaker housings and grilles and make sure that they meet ASTM testing standards. We also subject them to salt spray (fog) testing to make sure that exposure to the environment will not cause issues with corrosion, both from a hardware or electrical connection standpoint

Craighall Car Radio knows a thing or two about radical installs Check out this #RockfordFosgate #Power #T2 subwoofer.

Our new Element Ready full-range speakers handle tough conditions while sounding great! These Punch 2-way component systems feature a coaxially mounted tweeter and Marine Grade weather proofing technologies. Available in white with matching luxury grille for your UTV, boat or motorcycle.

Performance Auto & Sound Magazine: A powerful amplifier for your car, UTV, boat or motorcycle. "On the test bench, the T400X4ad amplifier easily surpasses all of its published specifications – and most by a considerable amount." Read the review:

Jeremy from Muntz audio "Just installed one. Worked great. Rockford is the best." The RFHD9813 is compatible with Punch Amplifiers: • Punch PBR300X2 • Punch PBR300X4 Power Amplifiers: • Power T400X2ad • Power T400X4ad Power Moto-Marine Amplifiers: • Power TM400X2ad • Power TM400X4ad

Check out Paul Yaffe's Bagger Nation custom SRT bike build loaded with #RockfordFosgate audio.

The Harley-Davidson Amp Install Kit contains a mounting plate, heat-sink, wiring, and necessary hardware for upgrading your audio system with a compact Punch or Power series amplifier. The heat-sink provides extended thermal run-time when you need it loud, and 100% Pure Crystal-Oxygen Free Copper (PC-OFC) meets or exceeds AWG (American Wire Gauge) requirements. Fits 1998 to 2013 Harley-Davidson® Ultra Classic®, Electra Glide®, Street Glide®, Tri Glide®, Road Glide® and Road Glide Ultra® models. Shipping approximately April

The #RockfordFosgate crew is hard at work gearing up for motorcycle season.#AudioForFanatics

The new Harley-Davidson amp wiring kit takes the headaches out of upgrading the audio system on your ride. Kit contains everything you need to install a compact Punch or Power series amplifier and comes with a mounting plate, heat-sink, and wiring kit. Compatible with select Harley-Davidson model years 1998-2013. Shipping approximately April

Check out this sweet install with #RockfordFosgate marine 6" 2-way speakers

Who do you think will steal the cover for this year's catalog? Stay tuned for a download link. #RockfordFosgate

Q: What is the rated power on the new PS-8? A: The rated power is 150 Watts RMS. Q: Does the PS-8 come with a wiring kit? A: The system is supplied with power, ground, and turn-on wire. Punch PS-8 - Shipping approximately May

Who says 'Playing With Power' is bad? We like playing with #RockfordFosgate #Power #T2 subwoofers.

The PS-8 features a Punch 8” subwoofer in a custom sealed enclosure and is powered by a mighty 150 Watt amplifier. The system is all-inclusive, so you only need to run power, ground and a signal from the source to get this baby moving. Features a durable exterior that resists scrapes and bumps while in the trunk or cargo area. Tucks nicely under most seats. Shipping approximately April May

Incredible Install coming from the guys at Craighall Car Radio with two #RockfordFosgate #Punch #P3

ASPEN SOUND going head to head with a factory Harley Davidson system at Northwest Inland Motorcycle show in Spokane.

What do you think about the new Punch PS-8 subwoofer? The PS-8 features a built-in 150 watt class-D amplifier and 8" shallow woofer, hi-level/low-level inputs, and a built-in 0°/180° phase switch. Shipping approximately May.

Some serious #Bass coming from these #RockfordFosgate #Power subwoofers.

Q: Does the new RFBTRCA need a to be plugged in to a source unit? A: No, it can be plugged directly in to any amplifier, RCA input, AUX input, etc. Q: Do you have to "pair" the RFBTRCA every time you get in the car? A: No, it is equipped with an auto-connect feature after initial paring. RFBTRCA - Shipping approximately April

Check out this FESLER BUILT system with four #RockfordFosagte #Power #T1 subwoofer.

Rockford Fosgate at Destination Daytona during #BikeWeek with @BaggerNation & #miniSoundLab. Come see us through Sat.

The RFBTRCA universal Bluetooth™ adapter allows to wirelessly stream media a Bluetooth™ enabled device through stereo RCA output jacks. Auxiliary input powered by the vehicle’s 12V accessory socket. Easy 1-button pairing function binds to Bluetooth™ enabled device and chimes on subsequent connections. It’s supplied 1/8” cable sends audio through RCA outputs directly feeding audio system and is compatible with most Bluetooth™ devices. Shipping approximately April

Super clean install from Autosound Gezina with a #RockfordFosgate #Punch #P1 subwoofer and a #Prime series amplifier.

Don’t have room for a source unit? How about using the new RFBTRCA? Using Bluetooth™ you can stream music directly from your compatible Apple or Android device to an audio system. It also has a handy auto-connect feature after initial pairing, so you can jump in and out of your ride without having to fumble for a button to press. Shipping approximately April

Check out this bench of #bass with four #RockfordFosgate #Power #T1.

Take a look at this rockin install coming out of Japan with #RockfordFosgate 1st Gen. #PunchPro speakers, #Power amplifiers and two subwoofers

Here are some answers to questions received on the RFC-350: Q: Will a “Reverse Polarity Connection” damage my vehicle? A: No. Our unit is designed with a built-in protection circuit making it safe to use. If an improper connection is made while attempting to jump start a vehicle the protection circuit will activate and cut power immediately. Q: How many times can the unit jump start a vehicle? A: The unit will average up to 15-20 jumps on a single charge. RFC-350 - Shipping approximately April

Japan bringing some #Bass with two #RockfordFosgate #Punch #P3. #CarAudio #AudioForFanatics

The RFC-350 is a compact power bank with a USB outlet for charging mobile Android and Apple devices, and a jumper cable adapter for starting vehicles. Shipping approximately April.

Are you an audio fanatic? Check out the new #RockfordFosgate apparel at #AudioForFanatics

Check out this system from Japan rocking with #RockfordFosgate #Power #T2 subwoofer and #Power amplifiers.

Take a look at this radical Japanese install featuring #RockfordFosgate #Power subs and amps with #PunchPro speakers.

Jeremy Czech from Muntz Audio & Video (Green Bay, Wisconsin) “I recently used the FlexFit technology to insure a perfectly oriented speaker, due to the many different angles on the upholstery this feature helped make it straight.” T1650 2-Way Full Range Euro Fit T1650-S 6.50” 2-Way Euro Fit Component

Good Luck to Chad Westbrook and Jason fox this weekend at 2015 RMSHA in Afton, WY #RockfordFosgate #ElementReady

Car Audio Security, our Rockford Fosgate UK distributor displaying this cool upgrade in an Audi RS4 Avant at our 2015 Europe & Africa Distributor Conference. This OEM upgrade takes advantage of the current high frequency system by simply adding a Power slimline subwoofer and compact amplifier.

Car Audio Security, our Rockford Fosgate UK distributor showing this complete Punch system in a VW Golf Mk6R, featuring 900 Watts of power and a 9 speaker system.

New Power T2 & T3 suboofer cutaway and voice coil exhibit used to explain these new beasts. #RF2015 #rockfordfosgate

Power series performance and sound quality in a component speaker system. The Power 6.5” has a new FlexFit 2 basket optimized for a wide variety of U.S., European, and import vehicles. It’s like a “Euro Basket” adaptor plate built-in to the mounting ring.

Super clean install Showing off two #RockfordFosgate #Punch #P1 subwoofers and two #Power series amplifiers

What do you think about the new Power 6.5” speakers? The Power T1 utilizes a true 6.5" midrange optimized for a wide variety of U.S., European, and import vehicles. The new Power 6.5” speaker is available in T1650 with a coaxially mounted tweeter or T1650-S component system with separate tweeter and crossover.

A bright display of #RockfordFosgate #Power #T1 subwoofer and a #Power series amplifier #Bass #CarAudio

Brent Leavitt from Low Notes Garage (Boise, Idaho) “I have a pair of the Rockford Fosgate 16's in my Tahoe. They smash the lows and sound incredible! Rockford Fosgate did an outstanding job on these woofers. I scored 2dB higher at Autorama with just two of these beasts.” > T2S1-13 - Power 13" T2 Single 1-Ohm 2000W RMS Sub > T2S2-13 - Power 13" T2 Single 2-Ohm 2000W RMS Sub > T2S1-16 - Power 16" T2 Single 1-Ohm 2500W RMS Sub > T2S2-16 - Power 16" T2 Single 2-Ohm 2500W RMS Sub

Nothing better than #RockfordFosagte and the open road to kick off the weekend.

Congratulations to our winners for the RCH Racing ticket giveaway. Atlanta, GA - Chase Keller Indianapolis,IN - Kyle Ehlers Detroit, MI - Kevin McFatridge St. Louis, MO - Joshua Lichtenauer For your chance to win enter now at

Why 13” and 16”? Our new VAST surround increased the "total effective radiating area" for more output. Since this model is so massive, we incorporated dual spiders for exceptional travel of the cone assembly. The motor structure also incorporates a new proprietary split yoke for exceptional sonic linearity, while an updated IDHS heat-sink with encapsulating voice coil-to-former coupling technique gives the subwoofer impressive power handling capacity. #RockfordFosgate #CarAudio #T2 #SPL

Check out this amazing install out of Tokyo bulit by Sound Quality with #RockfordFosgate #Punch #P3 and #Power series components.

What do you think about the new Power T2 subwoofer? The T2 is equipped with a 3-layer cone, dual progressive spiders, and a triple stack motor. The new Power T2 is available in 13” and 16” 1-ohm and 2-0hm models. #RockfordFosgate #CarAudio #T2 #SPL

Happy Presidents day from #RockfordFosgate.

Nothing better than a trunk full of #RockfordFosgate #Punch series components from Rockford Fosgate Japan. #Bass #CarAudio

Good luck to RCH Racing tonight at super cross in Dallas,TX.

Tim from Audiotistics (Victorville, CA): "Don't be fooled by the size of the new Neo Punch Pro tweeters. Hands down these Punch Pros Rip...BIG TIME!" PP8-NT 1” Tweeter 8-Ohm PP4-NT 1” Tweeter 4-Ohm

Take a look at this awesome install displaying a #RockfordFosgate #Punch #P1 subwoofer, 2 #Punch series amplifiers, and #Power T152 speakers. #CarAudio #Bass

The Punch Pro Neodymium 1" tweeter is engineered for high SPL (Sound Pressure Level) conditions. It features an integral 6dB High Pass crossover. The motor structure and high temperature voice coil, combined with a billet machined aluminum phase plug create the foundation for a highly sensitive speaker that can handle plenty of power. You'll be proud, because these things are loud! #RockfordFosgate #CarAudio #SPL

MARSAUDIOSoundandBeyond showing off 2 #Punch #P2 subwoofers powered by 2 #Prime series amplifiers at the DOW Electronics #RockParty

What do you think about the new Punch Pro Neodymium Tweeters? Designed for SPL systems its smaller size allows for use in compact areas while still producing very loud output. Available in 4-Ohm and 8-Ohm models.

Nothing like a pair of #RockfordFosgate #Punch #P3 to get you through the weekend #Bass #CarAudio

What do you think about this install with #RockfordFosgate #Power #T15kw and 2 #Punch series subwoofers #Bass

Who needs a back seat when you have 2 #RockfordFosgate #Power #T1 #Bass #CarAudio

Check out this killer install in deadmau5 jeep built by Divine One Customs with 2 #RockfordFosgate #Punch #P3 subwoofers and 4 #Power series amplifiers #Bass #CarAudio

Joey S. from ASPEN SOUND (WA) "Got two 12's in the shop today! They bang hard for shallows. Hands down best I've heard. Highly suggest!" T1S1-10: 10" 1-Ohm 500W T1S2-10: 10" 2-Ohm 500W T1S1-12: 12" 1-Ohm 600W T1S2-12: 12" 2-Ohm 600W

Check out this custom Nissan Z with #RockfordFosgate #Power series amplifier and speakers. This ride also has a #Power #T1 subwoofer. #CarAudio #Bass

New patent pending Split Yoke Motor Structure (SYMS) and Encapsulated Voice Coil Coupling Technology (EVCC) give new #Power Series #T1 slim #woofers high excursion and output capabilities while maintaining unbelievably shallow mounting depth. #Bass #CarAudio