What do you think about install from Rockford Tuning days? Power T3 19. Photo courtesy of

Super rad install with #RockfordFosgate #Power #T1 #Slim subwoofers at Rockford Tuning days. Photo courtesy of

Sudden Impact Customs showing off a sweet install with #RockfordFosgate #Punch subs and amps. #Bass #CarAudio

Have you upgraded your Harley-Davidson with #RockfordFosgate? Photo Courtsey of Ecstasy Audio, BC, Canada. TOP: old system BOTTOM: new system

Talk about a wall of #bass with four #Power #T1 at Rockford Tuning days. Photo courtesy of

Congratulations to our winners from the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Alan Davis won an autographed Carey Hart helmet on-site, and Mike LaChapelle won a complete system, including a Paul Yaffe's Bagger Nation dash kit, LED headlight, 400 Watt audio system, and a Bell Bike Helmets.

Check out this Sweet install from #RockfordFosgate Tuning Days with #Power #T1 subwoofers. This is actually the sub enclosure designed to look like a seat back. Why? Well, this isn't the family car, it's strictly for enjoyment. Photo courtesy of

Check out this sweet install for #RockfordFosgate Tuning days in Germany with three #Power #T1 subs and Power amps.Photo courtesy of

Who would drive this Polaris RZR Loaded with #RockfordFosgate speakers? Built by @eminenthifi

AutoSound Gezina out of South Africa showing off a clean install with #RockfordFosgate #Punch subs and #Prime amps.

Check out this sick install featuring a pair of PM282HW 8" wakeboard tower speakers with horn tweeters in the hatches of this Donzi Marine Inc. speed boat. Installation by Speed of Sound Inc., Lake Havasu, AZ.

Congratulations to RCH Racing and Broc Tickle for the Podium in last weeks race. #RockfordFosgate

Check out this super custom install with #RockfordFosgate #Punch subs and amps. #Bass #CarAudio

Is this an illusion or creative lightning? This install from Japan features #RockfordFosgate #Power subs and amps.

Describe - in a few words - this system that Creative Rides Audio & Customizing did. #Power #RockfordFosgate #Bass

Nice paint on this bike featuring 6" Punch Marine full-range speakers (PM262B) that resist rain, dirt, and UV exposure.

The crew from Sound Pro and Paul Yaffe's Bagger Nation hard at work installing #RockfordFosgate motorcycle audio systems at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally .

This Indian motorcycle built by Justyn Amstutz for Indian & the 75th anniversary of Sturgis features a Power T400X4ad amplifier running a pair of T1650 speakers in the fairing and T142 full-range in the bags. #RockfordFosgate #IndianMotorcycle

Another satisfied customer stopped by the booth to show off his bike. #SturgisRally #75rally

Experience #miniSoundLab and enter to win DAILY PRIZES at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally located on Lazelle & Harley-Davidson way.

Autosound Geizna showing off a #RockfordFosgate #Punch #P2 in a super clean install from South Africa.

Check out this Killer install with #RockfordFosgate #Punch #P3 sub, #Power amps, and Type RF components built by Goldenkey Sound in Thailand.

This system is rockin with a #RockfordFosgate #Punch #P3 15" subwoofer built by Autosound Gezina. #Bass

Three NEW Power Series T1 Slim Loaded Subwoofer Enclosures Now Available.

P&P Car Sound Specialists - South Africa with a super clean install of #RockfordFosgate #Punch #P1 subwoofers. #Bass #CarAudio

Nordic Boats states “I love this unit !!!!” after sharing photos of the first PMX-2 & PMX-0R in their new 2016 model. PMX-2: PMX-0R:

Super unique install with #RockfordFosgate #Power #T1 subwoofer done by the guys at Mobile Dynamics. #CarAudio #Bass

Autosound Gezina displaying a killer install with #RockfordFosgate #Punch sub and amps. #CarAudio #Bass

#TBT demo vehicle from Italy featuring Suki the wolf, 12 Punch amps & 9 subs circa 1998. Photo credit Davide Simioli.

New BMW sub and component speakers offer a complete system upgrade. Coming soon to authorized dealers near you. Read more at

Sound Warehouse Utah showing how to fit big #Bass in a small space with the new #Power #T1 Slim sub and #Power amps. Vehicle built for Rigid Industries - LED Lighting.

Check out new T1 Slim Loaded Enclosures - great for truck installations - coming to an authorized dealer near you. For more info, check out these links: • T1S-1X10 - 10” T1 Slim Sealed • T1S-1X10P - 10” T1 Slim Vented • T1S-1X12 - 12” T1 Slim Sealed

Check out this super clean install with #RockfordFosgate #Punch #P2 subwoofer built by the guys at Y2K Auto Sound.

#TBT Throwing it back with #RockfordFosgate 1999 Punch series "black & grind" amplifiers & 2001 Punch subwoofer.

*Warning* the new #RockfordFosgate #Power #T3 19" subwoofer will attack. #Bass #AudioforFanatics #Sharkweek

Sound on Wheels | Car Hifi (Austria) showing us the new #RockfordFosgate #Power #T3 19" #Bass #CarAudio

This Mustang Is banging with #RockfordFosgate two #Power #T2 and #Power amplifers built by Fabrizio Manni.

Happy 4th of July from #RockfordFosgate.

This trunk is "loaded" with #RockfordFosgate #Punch speakers and a subwoofer.

Throwing it back with a rad install featuring RFP-1412 subs, 800x2, 600x4, EPX2, 1-Farad cap, Punch Pro 8" speakers and 1.5" tweeters. Built by Michael Schultz at A Plus Auto Customs #RockfordFosgate #Bass #CarAudio #TBT

This install is bringing some serious noise with #RockfordFosgate #Punch subs and #PunchPro Speakers and tweeters. Photo Credit ACG Japan

Check out this super clean install in a Dodge Viper with #RockfordFosgate #Power subs and amps

Sudden Impact Customs showing us a killer install with #RockfordFosgate #Punch subs and amps #Bass #CarAudio

Super Sweet Install with #RockfordFosgate #Punch subwoofers and amplifiers built by B and S Car Audio (Germany) #Bass

Super clean system with #RockfordFosgate #Power #T2 subwoofer and #Punch amplifiers built by the guys at CARfidelity

Sudden Impact Customs displaying a perfect trunk with #RockfordFosgate #Punch #P3 slim and Punch amp

Rockford Fosgate 2015 Punch Series PMX Moto-Marine Speakers & Subwoofers Now Available.

This Jeep by Sound of Tristate is packed with #RockfordFosgate #Power slim subwoofers and compact amps. #CarAudio

Check out this rockin boat with #RockfordFosgate #ElementReady marine speakers built by Muntz Audio & Video, Green Bay, WI.

The Soundworks Inc (GA) knows how pack a #Punch with #RockfordFosgate Punch subs and amps in this ultra-clean system.

LOUD is the only way to describe this 2005 Harley-Davidson Softail built by Sterling Motors: (2) PM282HW-B speakers powered by T400X2 amp (2) PM262B speakers powered by PBR300X2 amp STERLING MOTORS, Inc. 1807 Locust Street Sterling, Illinois 61081 Tel: 815-625-2500 Fax: 815-625-2525

Super sweet install with #RockfordFosgate #Punch subwoofers and #Power amplifiers #Bass #CarAudio Built by Sound of Tristate

Check out this Sea-Doo Jet Ski with M262 6" speakers installed by Lion Car Accessories. Photo courtesy of Rockford Fosgate Middle East. #SeaDoo

Super rad install featuring #RockfordFosgate #Punch subs, #Power amps, 10 F cap and 3Sixty.3 Built by Slangin Sound and Tint

Check out this Toyota Supra loaded with #RockfordFosgate Punch subs and amps

This boat is Rocking out with the new #RockfordFosgate PM282HW tower speakers and PM262 speakers.

SID Customs with a super clean install with #RockfordFosgate #Punch #P3 #Bass #AudioForFanatics

Wow! This Harley-Davidson audio install was done by Sound Warehouse Utah, and features a custom down fire box and trim panels for amps and battery in the bags: - 2pr M262 marine speakers - 1pr T16 full-range speakers - 1 T400X2ad amplifier - 1 T400X4ad amplifier - 1 T500X1br amplifier

Take a look at this awesome install with #RockfordFosagte #Punch subs and amps

Altra Audio in South Africa with an amazing install of #RockfordFosgate #Punch #Power

The Guys at Next Gen Audio showing us how to be LOUD with two #RockfordFosagte #Punch #P2 15-inch subs.

Assault Industries UTV showing us that the #RockfordFosgate #ElementReady M262-Wake cans can go anywhere.

Eminent Hi-Fi absolutely killing this install in a Dodge Challenger with some #RockfordFosgate #Punch subwoofers.

P&P Car Sound Specialists - South Africa showing off their attention to detail with some #RockfordFosgate #Punch subs and amps.

Rockford Fosgate's Compact All-In-One Power Bank Now Available. For Use in Mobile, Motorcycle, Motorsports, and/or Marine Applications, the 9,000 mAh Capacity RFC-350 Charges Mobile Devices and Jump Starts Vehicle Batteries.

Autosound Gezina from South Africa with a clean and simple looking install using #RockfordFosgate #Prime subwoofers

Gear up your weekend and take some #RockfordFosgate tunes with you! #AudioforFanatics

Our new Element Ready source units were built from the ground up specifically for the below applications. What could you put these new models in? • Motorsport RZR, UTV and sand rails • Marine ski, wakeboard, yachts, pontoons & fishing boats • Mobile installations like topless Jeeps • Recreational toy haulers, camping trailers, & RV's

Audio Image Inc. in Adel, GA tricked out this Polaris RZR 1000 with an array of 8-inch M282B-WAKE speakers! Audio Image, Inc. 111C Old Quitman Rd Adel, GA 31620 Phone: 229-896-1433

The PMX-5 is an all new design featuring an AM/FM/WB tuner and digital media receiver with 2.7" full color display. • 2.7" full color display w/ auto dimming back lightning • Global AM/FM/WB Tuner • True 2-zone control • Single DIN mounting • Made for iPod/iPhone • Made for Android • USB Input • Built in Bluetooth • CAN Bus protocol • SiriusXM ready • Pandora Internet Radio • 50 Watts x 4

Sound Warehouse Utah installed a clean Rockford Fosgate system in this 1999 C5 Corvette with T2652 components in the front doors and T16 in the rear. A custom amp rack holds Power T400-2 and T400-4 amplifiers, and a custom enclosure holds a single Punch P3S shallow subwoofer that allows the T-tops to still be stowed in the cargo area.

Rockford has long recognized a person’s desire to easily connect with their music. With that in mind we set out to create a purpose built line of Moto/ Marine source units equipped with all the latest technology and features. In looking at the market, we saw that many of the source units being used in Moto/Marine applications were simply re purposed mobile audio units and know that they were not originally designed to be in a boat, UTV or motorcycle environment. This is why Rockford decided to take the ground up approach in designing this new source unit line.

Enjoy your weekend with some #RockfordFosgate. Photo courtesy of Yellowfin yachts.

Super clean install from the guys at Hardcore Car Audio with a trunk filled with #RockfordFosgate Power subs and amps

Our new Element Ready series of Power amplifiers have all the same benefits and features of their Mobile counterparts, but we've also added additional protective components knowing these are not likely to be safe in the trunk of your car. With features like a brushed aluminum chassis with UV inhibitors added to the finish to a Marine grade two-part epoxy coating on the circuit boards, these small chassis powerhouses will let you continue enjoying your tunes while hitting the trails or cruising the lake with friends.

Creative Rides from South Africa know a thing or two about amazing installs. #RockfordFosgate #Punch #Power

Rockford Fosgate's new TM400X2ad amp sports these features: - Proprietary Class-AD technology - 4/2 Ohm muti-impedance Constant Power - Differential inputs with high level auto turn-on feature - 8 AWG power/ground connector w/ upgraded RCA connectors - Remote-Out feature when using high level inputs - 4 Ohm bridged capable - 2013 PLC2 remote ready - C.L.E.A.N. input/output clip detection and indicator LEDs - Top mounted controls - Dual fan cooled - Real time thermal sensing - Dual extruded heat sinks - Discrete surface mount technology - Marine grade two part epoxy coating on circuit boards

Knowing your life isn't restricted to just the highways and byways, Rockford Fosgate introduces their new series of Element Ready small chassis Power amplifiers. Building on the successful launch of the Mobile audio version of these amplifiers last year and seeing how many of our customers were also using them in their motorcycles, UTVs and boat systems, the Rockford Engineers wanted to create a version that was geared more toward a life in the elements.

Rockford Fosgate 2015 Punch Series Moto-Marine Amplifiers Now Available. Punch is a name that has been synonymous with car audio for over 35 years. The mobile audio enthusiast in most cases is well versed in the quality and history of the Punch family of products. When we redesigned the mobile amplifier line in 2013 we knew that this new breed of Punch products would far surpass anything we had built previously. By integrating new circuit designs and developing our C.L.E.A.N. setup technology our engineers have created an amplifier family with capabilities not seen before. Read more at

This RZR is ready to Rock the trails with the #RockfordFosgate #Prime marine grade speakers. Built by the guys at Eminent Hi-Fi.

Our new Element Ready Prime series of speakers show that you don’t have to blow your yearly budget just to get good sound out of your audio system especially when it has to live in an environment such as your boat, UTV or even your motorcycle. We’ve designed these speakers with efficiency and output in mind. Available with two different tweeter sizes and power handlings, these speakers can belt out the tunes without needing an amplifier the size of a nuclear power plant.

Rockford Fosgate 2015 PunchPro Neo Tweeters Now Available through authorized dealers.

Who would cruise this Tesla loaded with #RockfordFosgate #Power #T1 subwoofers? Photo courtesy of Road and Beyond & Rockford Fosgate Australia.

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Need speakers to handle all the elements? By using UV inhibitor based materials and corrosion resistant hardware these speakers are designed with the person who lives for the outdoors in mind. So if you’re looking for a speaker that is built with the quality and to the standards that Rockford expects of all of its products and will stand up to your active lifestyles then these are the speakers for you.

Be the talk of the dock with the new #RockfordFosgate RM marine grade standard takes into account the devastating effects of the outdoor environment and takes extreme measures to ensure optimum performance. The Marine RM full-range speakers are perfect for anyone looking to add some FANATIC sound to their vessel, and will always sound great when listening to your music at the dock or while tearing up the waves at full throttle.

New horn-loaded tower speakers are sure to fit most install requirements with these features: •Malibu® direct mount compatible •Optional C-clamp available fits bar sizes 1-1/2" to 2-3/4" •Available in black or white •Sold in pairs

Check out this custom Toyota Bus from Rockford Fosgate Middle East installed by Hamann Motors Dubai. The audio system features the following products: P16-S component speakers P16 full range speakers P1000X5 amplifier P2D212 subwoofer

The new PM282HW is a true marine grade speaker loaded into a sealed tight high-density polyethylene enclosure, and features an 8" woofer protected by a stainless steel grille and 1" horn tweeter. Both speaker and enclosure are treated with UV inhibitors and conform to Industry Salt-Fog standards.

Outdoor speakers not loud enough? Rockford Fosgate can fix that with the new the new Punch PM282HW, an 8" 2-way wakeboard tower speaker enclosure featuring a high output horn tweeter and marine grade weather proofing technologies. Available in white or black (PM282HW-B) with a stainless steel sport grille.

What vehicle would you pick? #RockfordFosgate #SoundLab #RZR #AudioForFanatics

This food Truck from Japan is ROCKIN with #RockfordFosgate #Power series subwoofers and amplifiers.

Where would you install the new RM112D4 subwoofer? #RockfordFosgate #Bass #ElementReady

The new RM112D4 has many features designed to weather the elements: - True Marine Grade compliance - 100% UV stable ASA injection molded plastic parts - Injection molded mineral filled polypropylene cone body with UV inhibitors - UV and salt fog resistant Santoprene surround - Ultra-flexible fully insulated silicone lead wire - Proprietary corrosion resistant spring loaded push terminals - Moisture, tear and fatigue resistant Aramid fiber spider - Removable trim ring/grille - Available in black or white

Need bass outdoors? Rockford Fosgate has you covered with the new RM112D4B, a black 12” subwoofer designed with weatherproofing technology specific for use in marine or powersport applications. It features a luxury color-molded grille that is 100% UV stable and can be used in sealed, vented or infinite baffle installations.

Who would run two #RockfordFosgate #Power subwoofers behind their seat?

Super clean install from the guys at Creative Rides in South Africa. #RockfordFosgate #Punch #P1

Y2K Auto Sound from South Africa bringing some big #BASS with two #RockfordFosgate #Punch #P2 subwoofers and two Punch amplifiers.

Relative voice coil sizes of the Punch and Power Series subwoofers. The Power T3 19" is unique because it utilizes a single layer flat-edge wound coil in a push-pull configuration.

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