Who said girls can't outfit their ride? This SUV from Japan features T5652-S speakers and Power T2 13" subwoofers.

Today's build is a Polaris Slingshot from Sound of Tristate featuring Rockford Fosgate speakers in custom kick panels and between-the-seat locations all powered by a PMX-5 source unit.

Day #2, another sneak peak at what's in the be debuted at Rockford Fosgate's annual New Product Showcase.

Something POWERful is coming this January...

A personalized plaid system from Europe fabricated by JM Car Hifi and Lecarautomotive Ridderkerk during the Installer's Battle in Ahoy.

A pair of Punch speakers nicely integrated into this lower door panel from Japan. #rockfordfosgate

Alex Torres charged up his 2011 Dodge Nitro with a Power T2500-1bd running a Rockford Fosgate T3 19", 2x Power T600-4 amps running 4x PunchPro 8" speakers, 4x PunchPro tweeters and 2x pair Power T2652-S components.

Nothing says 80's more than big hair, satin jackets, and high-waisted jeans. #TBT

Today, we pause to salute all men and women who bravely served our country, along with a sincere "Thank You".

A shout out to our friends at Zenetti Design who had an impressive display at #SEMA2015.

Pretty cool GT-R in the Savini Wheels booth at #SEMA. #saviniwheels

You can barely see the Rockford Fosgate amp peeking through the trunk on this super clean Bel Air at #SEMA.

We blew the dust off a 1989 catalog featuring full-range & subwoofer enclosures with high sensitivity drivers. #TBT

See all the Rockford Fosgate sponsored vehicles appearing at The SEMA Show that starts today!

Local Arizona fanatic Josh Pippin created this cool Rockford Fosgate Halloween graphic. Do you have audio-related decorations or costumes? Post your pics.

Mitsubishi USA releases 2015 Mirage Rockford Fosgate Edition. The Rockford Fosgate Edition starts with the Mirage DE and adds a 300-Watt, Rockford Fosgate ecoPUNCH sound system, steering audio control, Bluetooth hands free phone system and audio, cruise control, leather wrapped steering wheel, alloy wheels and special badging.

Some Rockford Fosgate crew members hanging out with their families on Oldsmobile Hill in Glamis, CA.

Testimonial on the Power T3 6.5" component system by Lee Schroeder, Lead Installer / Fabricator at Great Sounds Audio-Video in Dubuque, Iowa. • T3652-S Specs:

A Can-Am Off-Road Maverick Max build by SSV Works in Oxnard, CA featuring RM1652B 6.5" weather proof full-range speakers!

Circa 1990 Rockford Fosgate improves Punch amplifiers with innovative Hybrid Design & releases "Series1" amps. #TBT

Super cool 007 themed install with #RockfordFosgate #punch sub and #power amps. Built by P&P car specialist.

Check out this sweet install with #rockfordfosgate #punch wake speakers and a punch sub. Built by wicked off-road

#TBT to 2004 with this FESLER BUILT install with #RockfordFosagte #Punch subs and amps

Check out this install from Autosound Gezina in South Africa with #RockfordFosgate #Power subs and amps

Look at this sweet system with #RockfordFosgate #Punch subs and #Power amps. Built by SS Motorsports, Owned by @Simikfive

Lucky Luciano Custom Paint 1961 Cadillac Convertible will be on display at SEMA Read more at

Sleek install on this Porsche Panamara with a #RockfordFosgate #Punch #P3 built by Next Gen Audio.

This Westin Automotive Tundra will be at SEMA featuring #RockfordFosgate. System Diagram:

The new #RockfordFosgate PMX-5 Source Unit is now available. Features & Specs:

The new #RockfordFosgate PMX-2 Source Unit is now available. Check out more at

Check out this sweet install on Edmar Filho Benz with #RockfordFosgate #Punch subs.

Code Zero Customs displaying a super clean install in a GTO with #RockfordFosgate #Punch subs and amps.

AP Sounds & Customs showing off some #RockfordFosgate #Power subs. #Bass #AudioforFanatics

Super rad install with #RockfordFosgate #Punch subs and amps Built by Drive In Car Audio from Italy.

Fanatic Dionicio Tapiz showed us his collection of Punch amplifiers. That's lots of history in this photo! #CarAudioFanatic Power 1000 (1st gen) Punch 150 (1st gen) Punch 150 (2nd gen) Punch 150HD (3rd gen) Punch 75 (1st gen) Punch 75 (2nd gen) Punch 75HD (3rd gen) Punch 45 (1st gen) Punch 45 (2nd gen) Punch 45HD (3rd gen) Punch 30 (1st gen) Punch 30HD (2nd gen)

Dropping the BOOM with a #RockfordFosgate #Power T2 16" running off a Power T2500-1bdCP. Built by NW Audio.

Let's see all your #RockfordFosgate amp birth sheets. Here is ours from a #Punch P400X2.

Sweet install with a #RockfordFosgate #Punch #P3 sub and Rockford wrapped PS3. Built by Exclusive Car & Sign (Europe)

Flawless install coming from Japan with #RockfordFosgate #Power subs and amps Photo: Harry Omae

This system brings the bass with #RockfordFosgate #Power subs and amps. Installation by #AltraAudio (South Africa)

Awesome system built by Sudden Impact Customs with #RockfordFosgate #Punch subs and amps. Photo: @PASMAG

Throwing it back to 1999 with the short lived #RockfordFosgate "black & grind" Power 1100a2. Photo: OldSchoolStereo.

Take a look at this rad install with #RockfordFosagte PM262 speakers and the PMX-2 Source unit built by the guys at TMW OFFROAD.

Super sweet install spotted at the Sand Sport Super Show built by the guys at Raceline wheels.

Stop by the booth at the Sand Sport Super Show and say hi to the crew.

What do you think is louder the T-Rex or the #miniSoundLab? Come to the booth at Sand Sports Super Show to find out.

Throwing back to 1982 with the First generation #Punch 40 with Jim Fosgate's patented Punch EQ. Photo courtesy of OldSchoolStereo.

Who is going to the Sand Sports Super Show this weekend? Make sure to stop by the #RockfordFosgate booth.

The Sand Sport Super Show is only a week away. Stop by experience durable audio components for your UTV.

This system is bumpin with #RockfordFosgate #Punch amps and subs built by the guys at NVS Audio (Linden, NJ).

Great #TBT feature from our friend at OldSchoolStereo on two amplifiers that performed as great as they looked. 1991 Power 1000c (top) 150W x 4 @ 4Ω 250W x 4 @ 2Ω 500W x 2 @ 4Ω bridged/mono 1998 Punch Power 500.2 (bottom) 250W x 2 @ 4Ω 500W x 2 @ 2Ω 1000W x 1 @ 4Ω bridged/mono

Enjoy your Labor Day. Get out and explore the outdoors with friends. #RockfordFosgate

Kick back and relax at the lake this weekend. #RockfordFosgate

Super sick install from Rockford Tuning days with #RockfordFosgate #Power subs and amps. Photo courtesy of

Bringing the noise at Rockford Tuning days with #RockfordFosgate #Power #T1 subs Photo from

What do you think about install from Rockford Tuning days? Power T3 19. Photo courtesy of

Super rad install with #RockfordFosgate #Power #T1 #Slim subwoofers at Rockford Tuning days. Photo courtesy of

Sudden Impact Customs showing off a sweet install with #RockfordFosgate #Punch subs and amps. #Bass #CarAudio

Have you upgraded your Harley-Davidson with #RockfordFosgate? Photo Courtsey of Ecstasy Audio, BC, Canada. TOP: old system BOTTOM: new system

Talk about a wall of #bass with four #Power #T1 at Rockford Tuning days. Photo courtesy of

Congratulations to our winners from the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Alan Davis won an autographed Carey Hart helmet on-site, and Mike LaChapelle won a complete system, including a Paul Yaffe's Bagger Nation dash kit, LED headlight, 400 Watt audio system, and a Bell Bike Helmets.

Check out this Sweet install from #RockfordFosgate Tuning Days with #Power #T1 subwoofers. This is actually the sub enclosure designed to look like a seat back. Why? Well, this isn't the family car, it's strictly for enjoyment. Photo courtesy of

Check out this sweet install for #RockfordFosgate Tuning days in Germany with three #Power #T1 subs and Power amps.Photo courtesy of

Who would drive this Polaris RZR Loaded with #RockfordFosgate speakers? Built by @eminenthifi

AutoSound Gezina out of South Africa showing off a clean install with #RockfordFosgate #Punch subs and #Prime amps.

Check out this sick install featuring a pair of PM282HW 8" wakeboard tower speakers with horn tweeters in the hatches of this Donzi Marine Inc. speed boat. Installation by Speed of Sound Inc., Lake Havasu, AZ.

Congratulations to RCH Racing and Broc Tickle for the Podium in last weeks race. #RockfordFosgate

Check out this super custom install with #RockfordFosgate #Punch subs and amps. #Bass #CarAudio

Is this an illusion or creative lightning? This install from Japan features #RockfordFosgate #Power subs and amps.

Describe - in a few words - this system that Creative Rides Audio & Customizing did. #Power #RockfordFosgate #Bass

Nice paint on this bike featuring 6" Punch Marine full-range speakers (PM262B) that resist rain, dirt, and UV exposure.

The crew from Sound Pro and Paul Yaffe's Bagger Nation hard at work installing #RockfordFosgate motorcycle audio systems at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally .

This Indian motorcycle built by Justyn Amstutz for Indian & the 75th anniversary of Sturgis features a Power T400X4ad amplifier running a pair of T1650 speakers in the fairing and T142 full-range in the bags. #RockfordFosgate #IndianMotorcycle

Another satisfied customer stopped by the booth to show off his bike. #SturgisRally #75rally

Experience #miniSoundLab and enter to win DAILY PRIZES at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally located on Lazelle & Harley-Davidson way.

Autosound Geizna showing off a #RockfordFosgate #Punch #P2 in a super clean install from South Africa.

Check out this Killer install with #RockfordFosgate #Punch #P3 sub, #Power amps, and Type RF components built by Goldenkey Sound in Thailand.

This system is rockin with a #RockfordFosgate #Punch #P3 15" subwoofer built by Autosound Gezina. #Bass

Three NEW Power Series T1 Slim Loaded Subwoofer Enclosures Now Available.

P&P Car Sound Specialists - South Africa with a super clean install of #RockfordFosgate #Punch #P1 subwoofers. #Bass #CarAudio

Nordic Boats states “I love this unit !!!!” after sharing photos of the first PMX-2 & PMX-0R in their new 2016 model. PMX-2: PMX-0R:

Super unique install with #RockfordFosgate #Power #T1 subwoofer done by the guys at Mobile Dynamics. #CarAudio #Bass

Autosound Gezina displaying a killer install with #RockfordFosgate #Punch sub and amps. #CarAudio #Bass

#TBT demo vehicle from Italy featuring Suki the wolf, 12 Punch amps & 9 subs circa 1998. Photo credit Davide Simioli.

New BMW sub and component speakers offer a complete system upgrade. Coming soon to authorized dealers near you. Read more at

Sound Warehouse Utah showing how to fit big #Bass in a small space with the new #Power #T1 Slim sub and #Power amps. Vehicle built for Rigid Industries - LED Lighting.

Check out new T1 Slim Loaded Enclosures - great for truck installations - coming to an authorized dealer near you. For more info, check out these links: • T1S-1X10 - 10” T1 Slim Sealed • T1S-1X10P - 10” T1 Slim Vented • T1S-1X12 - 12” T1 Slim Sealed

Check out this super clean install with #RockfordFosgate #Punch #P2 subwoofer built by the guys at Y2K Auto Sound.

#TBT Throwing it back with #RockfordFosgate 1999 Punch series "black & grind" amplifiers & 2001 Punch subwoofer.

*Warning* the new #RockfordFosgate #Power #T3 19" subwoofer will attack. #Bass #AudioforFanatics #Sharkweek

Sound on Wheels | Car Hifi (Austria) showing us the new #RockfordFosgate #Power #T3 19" #Bass #CarAudio

This Mustang Is banging with #RockfordFosgate two #Power #T2 and #Power amplifers built by Fabrizio Manni.

Happy 4th of July from #RockfordFosgate.

This trunk is "loaded" with #RockfordFosgate #Punch speakers and a subwoofer.

Throwing it back with a rad install featuring RFP-1412 subs, 800x2, 600x4, EPX2, 1-Farad cap, Punch Pro 8" speakers and 1.5" tweeters. Built by Michael Schultz at A Plus Auto Customs #RockfordFosgate #Bass #CarAudio #TBT

This install is bringing some serious noise with #RockfordFosgate #Punch subs and #PunchPro Speakers and tweeters. Photo Credit ACG Japan

Check out this super clean install in a Dodge Viper with #RockfordFosgate #Power subs and amps

Sudden Impact Customs showing us a killer install with #RockfordFosgate #Punch subs and amps #Bass #CarAudio

Super Sweet Install with #RockfordFosgate #Punch subwoofers and amplifiers built by B and S Car Audio (Germany) #Bass

Super clean system with #RockfordFosgate #Power #T2 subwoofer and #Punch amplifiers built by the guys at CARfidelity