Partner Highlight

Hifi Shop Cool Bus

Roy, Utah

Perhaps the one thing everyone in this country has in common is that a bus took us to school every day. Whether it was elementary school, middle school, or high school, that school bus is part of the memory of every person who now calls him or herself a citizen of the U.S. of A. However, you probably remember boredom, screaming kids, and no entertainment at all. But what if the school bus that transported you to school had an awesome Rockford Fosgate sound system? The HiFi Shop in Roy, Utah has gone a long way to show us what we could have had. The shop has built a rocking Rockford Fosgate system in a 1994 Chevrolet Vendera short bus, according to co-owner, Jason Harris. The killer bass is from 12 Rockford Fosgate P2 12” subwoofers. Six pairs of Rockford Marine 8” speakers play from high on the walls of the bus and a pair of 8” are mounted outside the bus where the yellow flashing lights used to be in the front and rear. Powering the 12 subwoofers are (4) T600-2 two-channel amplifiers. Running the 8’s are (3) T400-2 two channel amplifiers. There are also (4) 7” LCD screens on the side walls of the bus and a 23” LCD monitor suspended from the roof in the front of the bus. To add to the school bus atmosphere, there are plenty of yellow LED lights used throughout the build. The seats are more like limousine seats than the customary school bus bench seats and they have been recovered in black vinyl leather. Harris’ partner at The HiFi Shop, Brady Smith, designed and built this dream into reality. “Brady is our main custom guy,” said Harris. “He designs and constructs show cars for us too.” The HiFi Shop puts a lot of emphasis on demonstration vehicles in the marketing of the store and its products, according to Harris. There is a 1994 Toyota Supra that uses a weight saving Rockford Fosgate system that includes T3 component speakers in the front doors and one P2 12” subwoofer with a T600-4 four channel amplifier running the show. The store also has a Rockford Fosgate system in a 1995 Chevrolet Blazer with a custom enclosure with (4) T2 15” subwoofers powered by (2) T2000-1 mono amplifiers. The Blazer competes in SPL contests and meters between 153-155 dB, “It takes a lot of trophies,” quipped Harris. In addition to building incredible show vehicles and competitive sound off rides, The HiFi Shop also promotes its business with summer time Rockford Fosgate Tent Sales and showcases install photos and announcements for shows and promotions on the HiFi Shop website (