Mr. Harry Omae and Miss Remi Odawara the Rockford Fosgate "Image Girl" from Japan arriving to Taichung the night before the ACG event.

Sentrek Taiwan Audio Car and Gallery event. ACG More than 200 cars and most are RF.

This dealer and his staff brought 8 Rockford Fosgate demo cars and took home trophies for each of them. Very talented guys and great sounding cars. Amazing installs. Their store name is Li-Chin.

Another Rockford dealer with his demo car. Not only does he do great installs but amazing paint work with carbon fiber.

The ACG (Audio Car Gallery) Stage.

Check this out. The were some bike audio boys at the event as well.

The Rockford Fosgate Japan Image girl handing out trophies.

Another Rockford Fosgate winner coming up for his trophy.