The C6 Vette is the car of choice here at Bondurant. Zach got to do his training in a silver Z06!

These guys have a lot of cars.

The grand tour of the school revealed some serious open wheel cars call Formula Mazda. Zach are you up for this next year?

More briefing on the tour of Bob Bondurant School of High Performance Driving.

Bob has a VERY LONG HISTORY of racing and teaching at the school. Zach, Rockford Fosgate hooked you UP with the best!

Some historic driving / teaching vehicles. The Crown Vic (shown) was completely hopped up by the SVT division of Ford

Some more classic vehicles and history wall. A lot of drivers got their start right here in Phoenix, AZ. Zach are you going PRO?

Zach making his way into the Silver Z06

Rockford Fosgate GET IN & PUNCH IT "By Land" Winner Zach Hall and his Z06 Vette

During his class Zach got one-on-one training from his personal instructor.

This one is for the wall! Nice work Zach.

Zach and his instructor for the day.