Spectacular Sound, Clear Conscience.

We make audio systems that sound incredible. In the past that often meant large speakers and amplifiers with little concern for side-effects. However, our society has become increasingly sensitized to issues such as efficiency and environmental impact. Energy costs have risen, and the topic is now a business reality. Therefore, as a direct supplier to vehicle manufacturers, we have to anticipate these changing needs and develop products that help them achieve their goals. We have collected these innovations together and the result is ecoPUNCH™.

Fortunately, efficiency and high performance don’t have to be mutually exclusive. The Tesla Roadster is a perfect example of an exhilarating vehicle in a light, nimble, and efficient package.

In the same spirit, we have developed a line of audio system components tailored to this “new normal”. They deliver the excitement of exceptional audio performance, and at higher efficiency levels and lower weight than ever before.

To achieve these goals, our engineers work closely with the auto manufacturer during the early development of the vehicle. Every aspect of the design is carefully scrutinized to find even the smallest improvements. Here are a few examples of what makes Rockford Fosgate’s ecoPUNCH™ technology truly special:


Weight is the enemy of efficiency. As well, there is an axiom in the engineering world that ‘weight begets weight’. In simple terms it means the heavier an individual component is, the more cumbersome and inefficient the entire system becomes. Since audio systems are complex, the opportunities for weight savings are numerous.

  • A speaker magnet is one of the heaviest components of an audio system.  Advanced materials such as Neodymium allow the use of much smaller magnets at a fraction of the weight.  Careful design of magnet geometry and voice coil structure also reduces overall size and weight.
  • Speaker Basket material and geometry can also provide significant weight savings. Stamped steel can be replaced by lighter glass reinforced polymers.
  • Subwoofer enclosure designs can be optimized for weight savings by taking better advantage of the vehicle’s support structure, allowing reduction of unnecessary reinforcements.
  • Amplifier heat-sinks can also be reduced in size and weight using high-efficiency amp
    chips and optimizing packaging location for maximum heat dissipation.

The strain on the battery and charging system grows as vehicles gain an ever widening array of electronics. For an audio system, there is no getting around the laws of physics – dynamic audio output requires high electrical power. However, we can take steps to ensure that every possible milli-Watt is converted to as much sound energy as possible. Lost efficiency in an electrical system usually manifests itself as heat so it’s easy to find these areas of efficiency loss.  Rockford Corporation has been at the forefront of introducing high efficiency technologies to the market, including:

  • Full-range Class-D amplifiers, the highest efficiency available.
  • Optimized voice-coils
  • Class-BR Technology
System Synergy

One of the most effective forms of improving system efficiency and reducing weight is to remove redundant and unnecessary components. This reduces system cost and complexity, and improves efficiency at the same time. That alone doesn’t produce synergy. When we combine this effort with collaborative design work, we are able to make significant improvements in the overall system efficiency.


Considering the amount of time we spend in our vehicles today, it is no surprise that bringing our high-quality sound experience along for the ride is an ever increasing priority. We at Rockford Corporation look forward to helping you design, develop, or simply enjoy your next premium audio experience.

Advanced Materials Reduce Size and Weight
Class-BR Technology Optimizes Battery Voltage