As part of our ecoPUNCH™ strategy, we developed the Flex41 amplifier to be a premium audio solution for tomorrow’s smaller, lighter, and more cost sensitive applications. In simple terms, Flex41 is a premium 4.1 channel amplifier and subwoofer system that is designed to work with the existing factory radio and speakers and easily upgrade the sound quality to a true premium level.

The system can be factory installed, or its flexibility makes it ideally suited as an upgrade solution for port or dealer option applications, allowing a simple and low-risk path for automakers to quickly and easily bring premium audio to both their next generation of vehicles and their customers.

Design Focus

We started with a clean slate and incorporated 40 years of our best practices and lessons learned into the design. The result is a premium audio platform that not only sounds great, but brings real innovation too.

Great Sound is a part of our DNA, so it was naturally our highest priority. Making OEM audio systems sound great requires many aspects of the design to work together in perfect balance. A clean power supply, isolated signal paths, a high end DSP for tuning, full-range class-D main channels, and our signature discrete MOSFET subwoofer channel all work in harmony to bring a perfect combination of high efficiency, high power, and most importantly, great sound in one small package.

OEM Roots We knew from the beginning that the Flex41 system must meet and exceed OEM requirements including reliability, durability, and electrical interference. Our extensive OEM experience helped us in this regard. Every component choice and design decision was made with these requirements in mind. The result is a product that has been validated to the strictest industry standards so you can feel confident when incorporating the Flex41 into your next design.


Adaptability The Flex part of Flex41 refers the amplifier’s simple application to a wide range of vehicles. To facilitate this, the amplifier includes a USB port allowing tuning profiles to be uploaded to the amplifier in a matter of seconds. The amplifier stores 16 tuning profiles in memory, 8 of which can be selected based on pre-grounded lines in the adapter harness, with the remaining 8 selectable via the optional PUNCH remote. This allows a single amplifier part number to support all your vehicles, keeping variable cost low, and reducing inventory risk and complexity problems at the port, factory, or dealership.

Simple Installation The other important aspect of flexibility is at the point of installation. Minimizing labor content and quality risk is paramount. By incorporating a Plug-and-Play design utilizing application specific harnesses, the amplifier can be installed with minimal intrusion or complication. The harness provides power to the amplifier and routes audio signals from the radio, through the amplifier, and then back out to the factory speakers.

Subwoofer Applications

Subwoofer integration and packaging doesn’t have to be difficult, and we’ve taken steps to be sure that’s the case. The Flex41 system takes advantage of our high power subwoofer channel to achieve great sound from smaller, more easily packaged enclosures. We’ve developed three standard designs including a Single 8” in both Rectangular and Triangular configuration, as well as dual 6½” in the triangular configuration. These are easily reconfigured or removed and Roto-molded for robustness and low investment.  For a more professional factory look, we can easily develop a custom design that is integrated into the appearance of the vehicle to both look great and minimize cargo space consumption.

Technical Specifications

Power Output

  • 4 x 40W RMS Full-Range Class-D Channels
  • 1 x 140W RMS MOSFET Subwoofer Channel
  • 300W RMS Total

Cirrus 32bit DSP

  • Per-channel Gain, Polarity, Time alignment, and EQ
  • Global noise gate, compression/limiting, and dynamic loudness

ST Micro ARM Cortex 3 Micro

  • Amplifier status management
  • System Protection
  • Power mode timing

Connection Requirements

  • +12V Constant (10A min)
  • +12V switched (optional)
  • GND
  • 4x Audio Input (Line and Speaker level adaptable)
  • 5x Audio Output

ecoPUNCH Standard Subwoofer Enclosures
Custom Enclosure Behind OEM Trim Panel
Powerful and Compact Flex41 Amplifier