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710W Surround Sound 9 Spkr System 2014-Cur LANCER SPORTBACK

710W Surround Sound 9 Spkr System 2014-Cur LANCER SPORTBACK

The 2014−Current Mitsubishi Lancer SportBack features a 710 Watt, 9-speaker surround sound system including these advanced features:

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The Mitsubishi Lancer has become a legend among small imported sports coupes. Affordable performance has never been better defined. Working with Mitsubishi to develop the premium audio system for this fantastic car was both an honor and a labor of love.

Starting with a high-output DSP amplifier, we've built a system that sounds truly incredible. 710W of clean usable power, 8 discreet output channels, each individually tuned and time aligned, and 9 premium speakers fill the cabin with our Rockford Fosgate signature sound. The soft-dome tweeters provide the crystal clear highs, the 6.5's, the clean mid-range, and the 10" dual voicecoil subwoofer delivers the crisp powerful PUNCH bass as the foundation.

Road and powertrain noise can often drown out the lower portion of the sound spectrum, so supplementing the lower frequencies with Rockford Fosgate signature PUNCH sound makes the music experience more full, exciting, and enjoyable in real-world driving situations.

  • DSP Tuning precisely tailors audio signals to each speaker
  • DTS Neural Surround™ extracts a surround sound experience from stereo content
  • Music Genre EQ adjusts the equalization to the style of music
  • Soundfield Control optimizes the audio tuning for specific occupant locations
  • Surround Sound places you in the middle of the performance
  • High Clarity Speakers are optimized for pure sound dynamics
  • PUNCH Control fine-tunes subwoofer output to user preference
  • Soft Dome Tweeters create smooth, natural sound with wide dispersion
  • Long-Throw Subwoofer provides great excursion and deep bass
  • Sealed Enclosures provide a tight, controlled bass response
  • Dual Voice Coils (DVC) allow the subwoofer to handle larger amounts of power
PUNCH Control
PUNCH Control

Allows the adjustment of subwoofer output levels depending on the type of music or mood of ...

Class-AB Amplifier
Class-AB Amplifier

Provides a good compromise of efficiency and low distortion relative to Class A or B designs.

DSP Tuning
DSP Tuning

Precisely tailors the audio signals to each speaker for the unique needs of a given vehicle.

Number of Channels
Front Speaker Size
Front Tweeter Size
1" Soft Dome
Rear Speaker Size
6.5" Coax
Front Speaker Size
Front Tweeter Size
1" Soft Dome
Number of Speakers

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