DA2 Digital and Analog Pre-Amp M1000-M-DA2

DA2 Digital and Analog Pre-Amp M1000-M-DA2

The DA2 provides a connection between the MOST system buss in the vehicle with any aftermarket digital or analog amplifier to retain factory controls (volume, balance, fader and equalizer).

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The DA2 provides a connection between the MOST system buss in the vehicle with any aftermarket digital or analog amplifier. Providing 8 channels of RCA analog outputs, a digital TOSLINK output, and an amplifier turn on/off control. With full retention of the factory controls (volume, balance, fader and equalizer).

Full vehicle compatibility list available on mObridge Website

  • 8-channel 192-kHz sampling 24-Bit audio digital-to-analog converter
  • Audio output via digital Toslink or 8 channels of analog RCA
  • 8 output channels of full-range output (4-front/4-rear)
  • Allows full retention of factory controls including Volume, Balance, Fader, Bass, Treble and factory
  • No need for external mounted controller or volume knob
  • Eliminates the need to cut factory amplifier wiring
  • Creates a 12 volt amplifier turn on and turn off signal
  • Replaces factory amp eliminating unwanted digital signal processing
  • Support for volume/fade/balance on factory radio and/or steering wheel
  • Support for factory-fitted audio sources (phone/navi/voice recognition/tv/dvd) (where applicable)
  • Support for reverse park sensor audio overlay (where applicable)
  • Support for factory multi-band equalizer (where applicable)
  • Compatible with Audi
  • Compatible with BMW
  • Compatible with Porsche
  • Compatible with Mercedes Benz
  • Compatible with Mini
  • 1 Year Warranty
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Signal Input
MOST plastic optical fiber (25MHz) (harness included)
Power/Ground connection (harness included)
Output Voltage
Amplifier Control
12-volt amplifier turn on/off signal
Under Dash
Processor Type
Signal Output
Digital Output
2-channel Toslink digital out
Analog Outputs
8 channels RCA full-range
192kHz Sampling 24-bit digital to analog converter (DAC)

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