PB1 - Spare Part Punch Bass EQ

  • PB1
  • 8-conductor non-flipped
  • Included in kit
  • 2004-2005 Punch amplifiers
  • 2005 "25 to LIFE." amplifiers
  • 2006 Punch amplifiers
Wired remote bass knob and cable for select 2004-2006 amplifiers.

  • Remote wired bass boost
  • 0dB to +18dB bass boost @ 45 Hz
  • Includes bass knob, cable, mounting clip, mounting screws

PB1 - Spare Part

Punch Bass remote EQ with 0dB to +18dB bass boost at 45Hz. Cable and mounting hardware included. For use with 2004-2006 PUNCH amplifiers.

Updated: 11/25/2014
Punch Bass EQ

Punch Bass EQ

Pioneered by Jim Fosgate in the early 70's, Punch Bass compensates for acoustical problems common...
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