Black, Red and White Air Freshener

Rockford Fosgate's vanilla scented air freshener features graphics on both front and back so it looks good spinning from the rush of air caused by your bass.

  • Fresh scent masks most oders
  • Features red "Diamond-R" logo
  • Includes world's coolest string for hanging from your mirror
USD 1.50


Your ride deserves better than a scented tree hanging from the rear view mirror and one you’re not embarrassed to display.  Ricky Nikolakis from Alaska digs the Vanilla smell because it's like you just came back from a Sonic Drive-In!  He does mention "Burnt woofer wouldn't have been bad either. LOL".

Front/Back: Features a red and white speaker ring with "Engineered In Tempe, Arizona" and "Rockford Fosgate" surrounding an olive & arrow clutching eagle.
Updated: 3/10/2017

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