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Balanced Line Driver RF-BLD

Balanced Line Driver RF-BLD

The RF-BLD is a 2-channel line driver that boosts low source unit signals or drives amplifiers located a long distance to the back of a vehicle. The BLD features Single Ended or Balanced Differential mode to eliminate noise.

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If your source unit has low output voltage or your amplifiers are located far back in a Van or SUV, the BLD is a perfect for your system. Featuring 'Balanced Differential' or 'Single Ended' mode, its high voltage output combined with a low output impedance will drive large arrays of amplifiers without breaking a sweat. In 'Balanced Differential' mode, it's twisted pair design also helps eliminate radiated noise through electrical cancellation.

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Low Output Impedance
Low Output Impedance

Ability of a processor to drive a noise free signal to an amplifier or large array ...

Differential Inputs
Differential Inputs

Differential inputs eliminate noise picked up by signal cables resulting in clean signal transfer.

Balanced/Unbalanced Signal Output
Balanced/Unbalanced Signal Output

The Balanced and Unbalanced mode allows the output signal to properly match the input of the ...

Processor Type
Line Driver
Operating Voltage
9-16 VDC
Frequency Response
20Hz - 50kHz ±1dB
Input Impedance
20k Ohms
Output Impedance
55 Ohms
Signal Input
High-Level: 2-channel (left/right)
Low-Level: (2) RCA (left/right)
Signal Output
Low-Level: (2) RCA (left/right)
Input Voltage
650mV to 10.5V RMS
Output Voltage
11 Vrms Unbalanced
22 Vrms Balanced
+0.8dB to +24dB
≥ 90dB @ 2V ('A' Weighted)
≥ 110dB @ 10V ('A' Weighted)
Behind Dash (install as close to source unit as possible)
Shipping Weight
1.1 Lbs.
(0.49 Kg.)
Dimensions (H x W x D)
H 1.32" x W 5.90" x D 4.09"
3.35cm x 15.0cm x 10.38cm

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