Rockford FosgateWoofer BoxWizard
Calculate internal air space available for your woofers. Select an enclosure type, choose a unit of measure and wood thickness, then input your dimensions. The Woofer BoxWizard will calculate how much internal air space is available for your woofer(s).
Step 1
Enclosure Type
Rectangular Wedge Wedge 2 Hexagon
Rectangle Wedge Wedge Hexagon
Step 2
Unit of Measure
Standard (inches & cubic feet)
Metric (centimeters & liters)
Step 3
Wood Thickness
1/2" MDF 3/4" MDF
5/8" MDF    1" MDF
Step 4
Measurement Method
Outside Dimensions
(Enter inches)
Inside Dimensions
(Enter inches)
Step 5
Internal Vb
Note 1: Vb rounded to nearest hundredths (x.xx).
Note 2: Subtract any volume displaced by woofers, dividers, braces & vents.
c Legend
MDF Medium Density Fiberboard
H Height
W Width
D Depth
Gross Total volume occupied by box (includes wood)
Net Usable internal air space for woofer
Vb Volume of Box