As an artist, Cartoon has focused on individuality to create album covers, murals, logos, shoes and tattoos. It’s now time to focus on rolling art…his rides. Inspired by his love of cars he has designed this exclusive line of products to care for them. The corporate car wax brands don’t get our culture and continually try grouping us all together as “car guys”. By joining our movement, you are fueling our ability to go beyond that and connect the streets, taste-makers, youth and custom car veterans to an authentic brand who shares your lifestyle driven by passion for music, fashion, art, sport and friends.

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car wash products CAR WASH

A fast and effective way to wash your car that leaves a clean surface.

carwax product CLEANER WAX

A wax that cleans the surface of your vehicle while adding protection too.

spray detailer product SPRAY DETAILER

An easy and effective way to clean your vehicle when light dust, pollen and dirt show up.

tire shine product TIRE SHINE

The ultimate shine and gloss that last for days.

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