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Amp Wire Calculator

Our Amp Wire Calculator helps optimize your amplifier's power output by recommending properly sized (AWG) wires. Using your current speaker and power wire, current amp power is calculated, allowing you to see any potential losses (in Watts) with undersized cables.

aStep #1 - Performance Verification Certificate
Step #2 - Amplifier Efficiency
Step #3 - Ohm's Law
Step #4 - Music
Step #5 - Wire Calculations
Step 1: Performance Verification Certificate (PVC)

Start by locating the Performance Verification Certificate (PVC) supplied with your Rockford Fosgate amplifier. We'll use data from the PVC to determine how much current your amplifier will draw from the vehicle's charging system.

Performance Verification Certificate
A PVC confirms your Rockford Fosgate amp was tested using state of the art equipment and meets or exceeds rated specifications.

PVC Printout
All PRIME, PUNCH and POWER amplifiers ship with a Performance Verification Certificate. Be certain your installer gives you this piece of paper.
What is a PVC?
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