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Real-World Measurements

Ever wonder what your car would sound like if you added a subwoofer to it? Would extra bass improve how your music sounds? The engineers and install gurus here at Rockford Fosgate are giving you information to answer those questions. That’s why we designed Rockford Amplified Tuning Systems (R.A.T.S.). Look up your vehicle type (Truck, SUV, Sedan/Coupe, or Hatchback), then pick a subwoofer and watch how Rockford Fosgate premium audio products can add to your listening experience!
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High Performance Output

R.A.T.S. displays the frequency response of your factory sound system compared to a Rockford Fosgate premium audio system. R.A.T.S. gives you the ability to choose which Rockford Fosgate subwoofer and amplifier you’d like to try. Simply compare your selection to your factory system to see which one will sound the best - and play the loudest - in your vehicle! Through our painstaking research in real vehicles, you’ll easily be able to determine what Rockford Fosgate products best complement each other.
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Comparison Engine

The power behind R.A.T.S. is real-world analysis, and our comparison engine can illustrate detailed frequency responses and SPL measurements of up to four possible configurations. You can see how the same system performs in different vehicle types, or see the differences bewteen a Rockford Fosgate PRIME system and a comparable PUNCH system. You can also quickly weigh the differences of various amplifier and subwoofer models, with the most impressive comparison being the SPL variations between Sealed, Vented and High-Output Vented enclosures.
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