T5 Midrange

Distinguished Sound That Commands Authority

The T5652-S is the finest 6.5" 2-way component system from Rockford Fosgate. Rated at 150 Watts RMS, the system includes two midrange speakers with grilles, a pair of tweeters, a multi-function audiophile crossover and mounting hardware.

  • 1" (25mm) ring radiator LCP dome tweeter with copper phase plug
  • LCP (Liquid Crystal Polymer) fiber tri-laminate cone w/ VAST
  • True Nomex™ spider woven lead wire
  • Die cast aluminum frame
  • Multi-pole™ neodymium motor structure
  • Solid copper phase plug for extended frequency response and greater power handling
  • 1 Year Standard Warranty
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Tri-Laminate Liquid Crystal Polymer Fiber Cone w/ VAST

The cone is comprised from (3) layers laminated into a "sandwich" cone configuration. The outer layers are made from finely woven LCP fiber material that acts as outer skins to the paper pulp core. This proprietary blend yields an "ideal" speaker cone. Its superior combination of flexural strength, low mass, and high damping results in a speaker with exceptional efficiency, very low distortion, smooth and extended frequency response, and powerful dynamic capability.

Rockford's proprietary VASTâ„¢ (Vertical Attach Surround Technique) technology significantly increases a speakers effective radiating cone area without complicated installation issues. This differs from conventional design and manufacturing technique by eliminating the area between the mounting screws and the glue area for the surround. Hence, shifting the surround attach point outwards increased cone area. In turn, both nominal efficiency and maximum output capabilities are dramatically improved.

Phase Plug

Machined Copper Phase Plug

The phase plug is primarily designed as a means to align the shorter wavelengths with the longer wavelengths produced by the cone. Its shape is designed along with the cone geometry to produce a very smooth extended frequency response. The solid copper material chosen for this piece is uniquely suited as an ideal heat sink for the speaker which aids in the speaker's exceptional power handling capability.


Die-Cast Aluminum w/ Flex Fit

Like any well built product the "chassis" or in the case of a speaker, the frame body must be made from a solid structure. Die-cast aluminum provides this base structure and is also tightly integrated with the acoustic design considerations. The frame is designed to be "minimalistic" to avoid rear reflections that radiate from the back of the speaker cone. There is virtually no parallel or perpendicular surface to the cone and the frame area is minimized yet solidly designed through extensive mechanical Finite Element Analysis.

Flex Fitâ„¢ represents Rockford's proprietary mounting pattern utilizing elongated slots rather that round holes. This allows the installer to more easily mount the speaker to varying hole patterns.

3-Way Connection Terminal allows for direct solder, bare wire via set screw, or a quick disconnect spade type tab on the midrange for simple reliable connection options.


Neodymium Motor w/ IDHS

IDHS (Inductive Damping Heat Sink) refers to Rockford's proprietary method of compensating for non-linear inductance while minimizing inductive heating prevalent in all moving coil speakers. By embedding and balancing the precise amount of non-ferrous electrically conductive material within the magnetic field, the unwanted distortion and heating caused by excessive and/or asymmetrical inductance is minimized.


Dual Focused Field Magnet Structure

This refers to the use of the speaker's dual opposing high energy neodymium motor structure. Through computer FEA optimization the voice coil is energized with the maximum magnetic field strength ideally distributed across the voice coil windings throughout its travel.

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