T5 Tweeter

The T5 Tweeter implements a "Ring Radiator" design that allows for a smooth and extended frequency response. The large roll suspension and resonance chamber allow for a resonant frequency that is over an octave below that of conventional tweeters which yields much greater power handling and usable range.

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The thin proprietary fiber woven tweeter diaphragm yields response to well above 30kHz. The ring shape and integrated surround role are optimized in conjunction with the phase plug and resonance chamber to maximize performance. The dome uses an ultra thin precise coating to add damping and strength to the diaphragm to provide stability and mechnical power handling at the lowest operating frequencies.

Copper Phase Plug

Similar to the phase plug used in the mid-range, this helps to align the frequencies so that the arrival time at the listener is in phase. It also acts as a heat sink for the voice coil as it is in very close proximity. The phase plug also clamps the center of the diaphragm creating ring dome shape and dimensional relationship needed for extended frequency response.

Trim Bezel / Mounting

Cast Aluminum Trim Bezel w/DDC

Rockford's tweeter mounting technique is unified throughout its product range. All that is required is a 1.75" mounting hole and the included DDC mounting hardware can securely mount the tweeter to varying panel thicknesses. DDC refers to "Discreet Dual Clamp" hardware whereby a single central screw tightens (clamps) two rings on either side of a panel creating a cup for the tweeter to easily snap in and out of.

Tuned Chamber

The tuned chamber is designed with a specific volume to optimized to match the compliance of the suspension. This chamber aids both the volume under the ring dome as well as the surround to give the lowest possible overall resonance.

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