Subaru Crosstrek

300W Flex41 EcoPunch Accessory System

The 2018+ Subaru Crosstrek features an optional ecoPUNCH audio upgrade available as an Accessory to improve the non-branded factory system. 

2018 Subaru Crosstrek with Bicycles on Roof Rack.

DSP Tuning

This technology precisely tailors the audio signal to each speaker based on the unique interior acoustics. Utilizing a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) tuning technology is like having a computer inside the amplifier. The DSP precisely tailors factors like equalization and signal timing to provide a clear and accurate sound stage.

Punch EQ

Rockford Fosgate engineers fine tune the audio system using a custom Punch EQ, specifically adapted for the acoustics of the vehicle. This sonic signature brings out the rumble in a bass or kick drum and the vibrance of vocals and musical instruments.

Class D Amplifier

This high efficiency amplifier design reduces current consumption from the vehicle's charging system while producing high power for the audio system. This Green topology offers a great compromise of efficiency -to- power output compared to traditional Class A/B designs.


Number of Channels:

  • 5

Number of Speakers:

  • 6

Amplifier RMS Power:

  • 300 Watts

Front Tweeter Size:

  • 1" Soft Dome

Front Speaker Size:

  • 6x9"

Rear Speaker Size:

  • 6.5"
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